Why is my cream white and not pink?

The color of the cream for both Contour/35 Night Cream and Moisture/35 Day Cream has traditionally been a peachy rosy color.  The color of the cream came directly from the final blending into the formula at the end of a particular ingredient, the Krameria Extract.  A tiny percentage was used, less than 0.5%, but the ingredient was so dense in color that it imbued the final cream with a rosy tint.  In revisiting and modernizing the Irma Shorell cream formulas the decision has been taken to remove the Krameria extract from the formula.

So for Irma Shorell the choice had to be made to either use artificial colorants to make the cream a peachy rosy color, or to simply allow the natural white color of the cream to come forth, which is the choice that has been made.  

You will also notice that the cream holds together better and does not separate and require stirring, another benefit of modern manufacturing and blending techniques.