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Irma Shorell Contour/35 Night Cream 0.75 oz

$ 15.00

Moisturizes, Firms, Protects

Give your skin a new start on life with one jar of cream. 

Irma Shorell Contour/35 is a true-to-life beauty secret in a little jar. No other single treatment product is as beneficial. its effectiveness is due to the uniqueness and purity of the ingredients and the manner in which they are compounded, rather than any particular “miracle” ingredient.

Irma Shorell Contour/35 is the world's most effective facial night cream for dry mature over-35 skin. It is very concentrated and rich in emollients. In the short space of only 21 days of use contours will appear tightened, face and neck firmed, color and tone improved and fine lines will seem erased. A firmer, more youthful appearing and nourished complexion emerges. Contour/35 is kind to even the most sensitive and delicate skin. One of Dr. I. Daniel Shorell’s original formulations.

Optimal for dry skin. Use evenings before bed on face and neck on fully-cleansed skin.

All ingredients are not alike. Only the purest, finest grade and most expensive ingredients are ever used in Irma Shorell products.