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Irma Shorell

Released 1961.  Over sixty years of skin beauty.

Irma Shorell skin beauty products answer the needs of women with sensitive, mature and often prematurely dry skin.  For over sixty years, many of the world’s most attractive women have used Irma Shorell face creams.   Their true beauty comes from clear healthy skin that is cared for, well-cleansed and lubricated. Recommended as essential for women over 35 years of age.

Irma Shorell formulations were originally developed in the 1940’s by Dr. I. Daniel Shorell, a pioneer in the field of reconstructive and plastic cosmetic surgery and a firm believer in preventative skin care.  The products were available as prescription-only skin treatments for his post-operative patients and those he felt could forestall a facelift with extra care and attention.  Dr. Shorell began with a formula for cleansing and a uniquely-effective cream for his patients to tone the skin and keep contours firm.  In 1961 Dr. Shorell released his prescription-only formulas to daughter, Irma Shorell for distribution into fine specialty stores including Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.

All ingredients are not alike.  Irma Shorell products are formulated with only the purest, finest grade and most expensive ingredients to improve the appearance of mature skin.

From mother to daughter to granddaughter Irma Shorell is the formula for skin beauty.