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Madeleine Mono Madeleine de Madeleine eau de parfum spray 3.3 fl oz/100 ml

$ 78.00

Madeleine Mono

The Glitter Queen

Madeleine de Madeleine
the soul of a woman

Originally Introduced 1978
Lush Floral

The glamorous cosmetics glitter queen Madeleine Mono introduced her bold and dramatic Madeleine de Madeleine perfume to great acclaim in 1978. "Sure the world has many fragrances, but it doesn't have mine." said Madeleine Mono at the launch. The stunning and ever so beautiful Madeleine de Madeleine perfume is a liquid signature statement that makes heads turn. Top notes of French tuberose, mimosa and Moroccan narcissus. Middle notes of Turkish otto of rose, jasmine, Roman chamomile. Dry down notes treemoss and orange blossom.

Perfumery impressions "Madeleine Mono's Madeleine de Madeleine perfume has a beautiful and distinctive personality. Ultra feminine and overt, for the woman who wants to be noticed and make heads turn. Full-bodied and long-lasting, Madeleine de Madeleine leaves you guessing where the blooming floralcy will take you next. At first glance the fresh floral tones take on a spicy, exotic accent…then warm and explode down into deep woody-oriental sensuality, while always hanging tight to the sophistication of the floral center. Classic, classy and constantly in motion with a projection power to make everyone in the room notice. Defiant, with a look-at-me character that is irresistible. Is she she devastating…yes to both."

"I walk into a room and they damn well know I'm here!" Madeleine Mono